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Cosplays To Date:

(This goes by debut date)

:bulletred: Riza Hawkeye (Military Uniform)
:bulletblack: Akito Sohma (Manga Cover Vol. 15)
:bulletpink: Starfire (Teen Titans on CN)
:bulletorange: Light Yagami (School Uniform)
:bulletwhite: Kisara (Default)
:bulletgreen: Riza Hawkeye (Formal)

:bulletpurple: Chief Ayanami (Default)
:bulletblue: Kisara (Formal)
:bulletred: Joey Wheeler/Jounouchi Katsuya (Battle City)
:bulletblack: Kyo Sohma (Default)
:bulletpink: Dark Mousy (Casual)
:bulletorange: Bishop Frau (Bishop Robes)
:bulletwhite: Tsukushi Makino (School Uniform)
:bulletgreen: Frau (Casual - Blue Trench Coat)
:bulletpurple: Zero Kiryu (Day Class Uniform)

:bulletblue: Dark Mousy (Trench Coat)
:bulletred: Dark Mousy (Date Outfit)
:bulletblack: Zero Kiryu (Vine Version)
:bulletpink: Frau (Possessed)
:bulletorange: Jonghyun (Lucifer MV - Black Outfit)
:bulletwhite: Dark Mousy (Art Book)
:bulletgreen: Frau (Ripped Up Shirt)
:bulletpurple: Bernard (Default)

:bulletblue: Raiko Shimizu (Winter Version)
:bulletred: Kurogane (Tokyo Revelations)
:bulletblack: Tamaki Suoh (Manga Cover Vol. 5)
:bulletpink: Shizuka Hio (Default)
:bulletorange: Rui Hanazawa (Blue Shirt Art Spread)
:bulletwhite: Ronin (Original Concept - Visual Kei)
:bulletgreen: Ichiru Kiryu (Day Class Uniform)
:bulletpurple: Young Frau (Refugee)
:bulletblue: Edward Elric (Default)
:bulletred: Edward Elric (Bloody)
:bulletblack: Rose Dewitt Bukater (Yellow Gown)
:bulletpink: Tamaki Suoh (Jacketless Default)
:bulletorange: Kurogane (Infinity)
:bulletwhite: Allen Walker (Casual)
:bulletgreen: England/Arthur Kirkland (Default)
:bulletpurple: Daisuke Niwa (School Uniform)
:bulletblue: England/Arthur Kirkland (Casual)

:bulletred: Zero Kiryu (Night Class Uniform)
:bulletblack: Kurogane (Night Class Uniform)
:bulletpink: England (Valentine's Day)
:bulletorange: Edward Elric (Wedding Version)
:bulletwhite: Asuna Yuuki (SAO)
:bulletgreen: Princess Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg (Masquerade Ball Gown)
:bulletpurple: Akatsuki Kain (Default)
:bulletblue: Kaname Kuran (Default)
:bulletred: Edward Elric (Casual Beachwear)
:bulletblack: Asuna Yuuki (Cooking Outfit)
:bulletpink: Dr. Frank N. Stein (Default)
:bulletorange: Ichinose Tokiya (Maji Love 1000%)
:bulletwhite: Asuna Yuuki (Undine)
:bulletgreen: England (Waiter)
:bulletpurple: Hatori Sohma (Default)

2014: (Year of Semi-Hiatus)
:bulletblue: Rin Matsuoka (Swim Uniform)
:new: :bulletred: Eren Jaeger (Survey Corps)
:new: :bulletblack: Mikasa Ackerman (Survey Corps)

I don't have photos up here of every cosplay that I've done. (Unfortunately it's difficult for me to get proper shoots done of each one). However if you see one up here and there's no photos up of it, feel free to post on my page that you'd like to see it! I'm always up for a shoot when I can and quiet honestly, I have a hard time deciding which to shoot. ^^;

Summer Shenanigans!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 27, 2014, 6:56 AM

:squee: ITS SUMMER!!! :squee:

Um, yeah, hi!!!!

Yes, it's been summer for a while now. I realize that. But I feel like my summer is finally starting! So much planned and so many exciting things going on! :excited: As most of you know, I'm currently living in Japan right now. Because of that I technically put all of my cosplay plans on hold. >>..... :laughing: Yeah, I should have known that wasn't going to happen. I'm still on hiatus again, technically, but since I do have some cool stuff coming up, here's some updates with me cosplay/traveling wise.

1st! I'm going to Kyoto soon to visit the wonderful :iconwingedlight:. We're mostly going site seeing, but I have a feeling we'll be planning a bunch of cosplay-related shenanigans while together (assuming we don't kill each other in the process... or that she doesn't kill me). 

2nd! I am super lucky in that the awesome :iconm-ichiko: and I are currently living super close (like, closer than we were when we were in the United States ironically)! So we have a cosplay shoot we're doing while she's here. (I'm sooooooo looking forward to that because we've wanted to do it for forever, plus we might shoot it at one of the cosplay studios here!) :happybounce:

3rd! I'm going to Comiket 86!!! -Never thought I'd even get the chance to go to a con while here, let alone Comiket- While there, :iconwingedlight: and I have some cosplay plans for that as well! (Check out this and you can probably guess at least one of them :… )

I have a few more exciting things coming up too. A couple concerts (-cough cough- :sing: Matsushita Yuya concerts :flirty: -cough cough-), musicals, and trips planned too, but for now, that's what's coming up the fastest. 

Other things that have been happening... well, I finally finished 07 Ghost. :reading: (Yes, nearly a year later I know). So yeah, dealing with all of those feels. :heart: So here! Have a picture of my Ouka cosplay because I need to share those feels: 

"07 Ghost: Princess Ouka"

07 Ghost: Princess Ouka by SkywingKnights

I hope to post a few new photos from various shoots as well so keep an eye out for them! :wave:

Also, it finally happened. :iconraiinfaiiry: and I finally did it. We made a Tumblr. For what you ask? For Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji chats essentially. Due to my absence in the States, somehow many of our conversations have turned into conversations Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis would have assuming they were separated by distance and had access to the internet back in 1890s England. :emailsend: We decided to share the ramblings because they provide us with amusement and we figured it might make someone laugh as well. Beware, hilarity ensues: 

I've also been working on two new costumes.... or three... or four... :juggle: Basically, I've been rotating based on what I can work on with what supplies/materials I have (as they slowly come in). :onfire:

I'm also trying to get a bit more active on my other sites on Facebook and Tumblr. :typerhappy: Sometimes on Facebook I get around to posting photos of my cosplays before I do on DeviantArt. So if you want to see the latest on my cosplays and/or see some photos I've yet to post here, check it out!

 photo FacebookSkywingfinal_zps4961c22b.png

Oh, also I've sold my soul to Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack On Titan. Other than that not much of anything new... -bangs head against wall- I so thought I was in the clear for that one. But nope! :nuu: (But yes, I'm loving every moment of it). :w00t: And also looking forward to the new Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler Season. Can't wait for that! :la:

Anyway, yep, that's what's going on with me. I'll be sure to post new stuff as soon as I can!

:sun: :aww: Hope you're having a good summer! :aww: :sun:

 :relax:  ~Skywing :rose: 

  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: "This Love" by Shinhwa
  • Eating: An Omelette
  • Drinking: Water... O>O


Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts

Autism Awareness Stamp by RetroZombie

Sup guys!

Welcome to my DA page! I’m Skywing and as a hobby, I cosplay. I sew costumes, style wigs, make props, all of that. I absolutely love it. It’s a blast to be able to make these costumes and wear them around to portray a character. So here on my page, you can see some of the cosplays that I’ve worked on and put together. Enjoy!

~Skywing ^_^

:bulletred: Favourite genre of music: Any, but primarily Pop or Foreign
:bulletblue: Favourite style of art: Probably either photography or print
:bulletred: MP3 player of choice: iPod
:bulletblue: Favourite cartoon character: Currently Frau from 07 Ghost and Zero from Vampire Knight

:bulletpurple: Random Fact: I love Fresca. I'm not sure why, but at least it's zero calories. :love:

 photo FacebookSkywingfinal_zps4961c22b.png
 photo ACParadiseSkywingFinal_zps9b6810b1.png
 photo Cosplay_zps887b1d23.png
 photo TumblrSkywingFinal_zps122b007b.png

Cosplay stamp by HappyStamp



Shooting at Hacostadium next month! I get to shoot about 3-5 cosplays; any suggestions for which ones I should bring? (I have access to all of my costumes) 

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